Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 3; Train to Bruneck

My journey continued in the train station at Innsbruck. Despite my misfortune hitching the people in the station were very nice and helpful and got me cheap train ticket to Bruneck!

After going onto the platform I immediately spotted a juggler I suspected was going to the European Juggling Convention (EJC), too.
Gehen Sie nach der EJC?
“…I’m sorry I don’t speak German.”
It turned out they were from England. We travelled together over the next three trains. Despite having to change twice, Innsbruck to Bruneck is easily the nicest train journey I’ve ever taken. Everything looks like a postcard.

My new travelling companion had cleverly packed some cards we played a few games between our first two trains.

On our second train we started to see more jugglers – people playing boardgames, juggling, clubs attached to bags, unicycles, rings tied to bags… And at our second change we found a neverthriving of jugglers including the Irish-Berlin jugglers! One of which I was midway through conversation with before we realised we actually knew each other quite well (it’s a small juggley world). So that’s how the last leg of the journey to Bruneck began.


Published by Blue Hanley

Galway-based Theatre-maker who loves circus, conventions and travelling.

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