Fractal July 16th 2018

James and Blue’s last show together! Or is it…?

Fractal July 2nd 2018

James returns and he and Blue talk a lot of pop-culture.

Fractal June 25th 2018

Blue hosts the show alone; #conventionmentions, a brief look at the Ulster final and NHL, the upcoming festivals of Galway, as well, of course, a selection of Asian music.

Fractal June 18th 2018

James and Blue bring you their eclectic selection of tunes and discuss E3 and the future of Fractal.

Fractal June 11th 2018

Your usual collection of Asian tunes and news about E3 from James. Blue is trapped in London Stansted airport.

Fractal June 4th 2018

James and Blue talk a lot of Pokémon – for a change!

Fractal May 28th 2018

Blue goes to Amanda Palmer and James runs the show with special guest Niall Finn.

Learn to Stilt-walk!

Next month I will be running a short introductory course to stilt-walking for people aged 18+ in Galway Community Circus. It will run over three Thursday evenings 6:30-8pm, June 14th, 21st and 28th and cost €40. It’s open to adults who have never tried stilt-walking before.

Getty_Villa_-_Storage_Jar_with_a_chorus_of_Stilt_walkers_-_inv._VEX.2010.3.65Stilt-walking dates back as far as Ancient Greece and has uses for farming, fishing and plastering though now we mostly of it for entertainment purposes. Most people  can learn to walk on their own within a few hours, but like most things the hard part is making it look easy and graceful.

I’ve been stilting for about ten years and before that it amazed me when I saw people do it , mostly in the Macnas parades. I teach a weekly drop-in class for young people but had a lot of adults ask me about it so decided to run this course.

There are only eight places available on this short course and you can sign up through the GCC website:

Featured image taken at Silver Strand by Donal Kelly.

Fractal May 21st 2018

Returned after a bout of sickness is James, with his amazing array of Korean pop music – and some EDM for Blue.

Fractal May 14th 2018

After two weeks of exams and a bank holiday Monday, Fractal is back after a grand total of three Mondays! Really though, only half of Fractal is back. Both hosts, James and Blue, are sick. However James is sicker so got the day off. Which means Blue is DJing which means a lot of techno.