Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 5; EJC continued

Day 4) Tuesday: It’s about this point you start to question if you’ll survive the heat. Luckily on this day a group of us travelled up the visit the Alps. It took a while to organise but eventually some people drove, and we waited for the bus. Then we arrived at Kronoplatz, where the cable […]

Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 5; EJC Bruneck

Day 2) Sunday: It was a bit foggy waking as we got up this morning (I moved from by the trees, which I was told was prone to flooding, to Camp New-New-Ireland which is comprised mostly of Irish jugglers from Dublin, and one Danish juggler). I woke up this morning to find a spider in […]

Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 4; An Introduction to the 38th European Juggling Convention

The European Juggling Convention is the world’s biggest juggling convention. It takes place in a different European country every year and was in Ireland in 2014 – my, and many other Irish people, first EJC! It runs for nine days from Saturday to Sunday the following week. It’s like a regular convention in that people […]

Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 3; Train to Bruneck

My journey continued in the train station at Innsbruck. Despite my misfortune hitching the people in the station were very nice and helpful and got me cheap train ticket to Bruneck! After going onto the platform I immediately spotted a juggler I suspected was going to the European Juggling Convention (EJC), too. Gehen Sie nach […]

My summer of circus; Part 4 – European Juggling Convention

At about 4pm Saturday the 19th of July, I wanted to be absolutely anywhere but in a juggling hall, soaked from walking 25 minutes in the rain. But then I saw two people I knew and thought, well sure I’m home now like.  For whatever reason, I’d never made it to the EJC before this […]

My summer of circus; Part 3 – Fire-performance training in Budapest

The second Saturday of the IADF was the public show. Some of the classes presented the work they’d been doing the past week,or two. After which was the after-party (and as we’ve said, circus parties…). After which was an AFTER after-party in our apartment while I frantically packed to head to Dublin, fly to Amsterdam, […]

My summer of circus; Part 2 – Irish Aerial Dance Fest

On the Sunday of the Galway Juggling Convention we gathered some prizes for the games (biscuits, juice, naughty hand drawn pictures, bits of coconut) and as they commenced I gathered my stuff and made for the bus to Letterkenny for the fifth Irish Aerial Dance Fest! I finally made it to it, after three years! […]

My summer of circus; Part 1 – Galway Juggling Convention

My June and July this year were heavily steeped in circus time (perhaps I unconsciously I had to make up for my lack of circussing while in America last year). It all began with the Galway Juggling Convention, which ran from 30th of May to the 1st of June. It’s the same weekend every year […]

‘Lights, Circus, Action’- the Galway Community Circus Cabaret show – 21.05.2014

Walking into the main hall of St Joseph’s Community Centre would never be considered boring. Being perpetually rigged with aerial equipment and the weekly timetable nearly completely monopolized by the circus at this point, you’ll usually end up walking into a circus class at any time of day. But last Wednesday was an especially good […]