Fractal January 22nd 2018

Playback of Fractal’s show from January 22nd, 2018.

Fractal January 15th 2018

Playback of Fractal’s show from January 15th, 2018.

Fractal December 4th 2017

Fractal’s last show of the year before breaking for Christmas. This is also Fractal’s 122nd show after just over three years! How the time flies!

Fractal November 27th 2017

Fractal’s second last show of the year before breaking for Christmas. At the end id s short appearance of Georgie, one of the elves working in Elf Town for the holiday period.  

Fractal November 20th 2017

Blue returns to Fractal after touring the country, and Fractal is also joined by special guest Niall Finn to talk about visiting China!

Fractal November 13th 2017

James continues Fractal alone while Blue is still on tour.

Fractal November 6th 2017

Last Monday James drove Fractal solo as I was in Prague, CZ, working on the second #ABCirk exchange. I tweeted in a lot. You listen in here; And we still have competitions running to win Studio Ghibli DVDs! You can comment on our competition thread on Facebook; Tweet us your favourite song from any Final Fantasy […]

Fractal October 30th 2017

This week’s Fractal was pre-recorded last week because of the bank holiday Monday. At the exact time of the show I was travelling back from the Macnas parade after we performed for Dublin’s Bram Stoker festival.

Competition celebrating three years of Fractal on Flirt FM

Three years ago Ciarán Doyle and I thought it would be really funny to have a radio show playing Asian music and talking about films. Three years, over 100 episodes and a new co-host later (thanks to James Broderick for joining the team!) it’s grown to cover Asian music events, concerts, podcasts, theatre, interviews, conventions, […]