Competition celebrating three years of Fractal on Flirt FM

Three years ago Ciarán Doyle and I thought it would be really funny to have a radio show playing Asian music and talking about films. Three years, over 100 episodes and a new co-host later (thanks to James Broderick for joining the team!) it’s grown to cover Asian music events, concerts, podcasts, theatre, interviews, conventions, video games, anime – as well as more Asian music than I ever expected to get through.

We’ve interviewed voice actors like Luci Christian, convention director Joe Moore, conductor Robert Luke Martin, idol Aya Ikeda and Disparition and Symphony Sanders from Welcome to Nightvale. We’ve had shows in Irish, interviews in Japanese, more than ten guests on during conventions – and to celebrate all this we’re starting an awesome competition! We’ll be giving away three Studio Ghibli DVDs a week until we run out – courtesy of Head – Corbett Court Galway!

So tune in to Flirt FM 101.3 10pm Irish time Mondays to be in with a chance to win! Tweet us, Facebook us, check out all our playlists and playback all our episodes!


Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 7; Innsbruck, Austria – The Return

9th of August

After packing up and leaving the European Juggling Convention and Bruneck, Italy, I found myself with two new travelling companions. An Irish juggler who currently lived in Zurich, and a juggler from England. We all happened to be travelling to Innsbruck, Austria. I’d had trouble getting the lower-priced train ticket but the Irish-Zurich juggler spoke pretty good German and managed to swing it somehow – and away we went.

Despite our best efforts we collectively sleep-walked our way through the journey, including the transfers which are all a blur. It turned out that Irish-Zurich juggler was staying in an Air B&B and we arranged so that myself and the English juggler could also stay the night (though I was actually leaving at 4am to get the train). The owner of the house was a pharmacist, whose house was one of the few remaining old houses in the city. It was very 20th century European and very beautiful.

With our luggage left behind we wandered around Innsbruck, which I hadn’t seen much of when I passed through it on the way to Bruneck, Italy.

We also found what might very well be the world’s saddest building.

We then found a gastro-pub, Stiftskeller, where we ordered food. The only place we could sit was at the table of a person who turned out to be a German music composer. We were enthralled to hear they made music for films, and then they were shocked to hear we’d all been at a nine-day juggling convention.

It began to rain very heavily to we retreated inside, and our new German companion bought us each a drink. We then had to head on to meet our host, in a bar called Orangerie.

We then returned to the house where I essentially took a long nap. Though it was my first time in a bed in two weeks, in a beautiful house, so it was a pretty great nap.